A 3-Part Training Experience to Unleash Your Most Empowered, Vibrant and Expressed Self

UPLEVEL has concluded and enrollment for RISE UP: A Chakra Certification Course in High Vibrational Living is open!

Join Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teachers and Co-Founders of Elevate the Globe, Britt and Tara, for a FREE 3 Day Chakra Self Therapy Experience. This is for you if you are ready to take your life to the next level, get connected to the happiest and healthiest version of you and LET GO of anything bringing you down!

By the time you finish, you’ll have a new set of TOOLS and a PLAN to supercharge your life in the direction you want to go without constantly trying to figure it out with all the books, podcasts, supplements, cleanses or quick fixes.

You’ll discover POWERFUL tools to reduce stress and balance your physical, mental and emotional well being with kundalini yoga chakra therapy.


We’ll be going live in the Facebook Group for our LIVE chakra video training series!


DAY 1: Thursday, November 3rd at 10am PST

DAY 2: Tuesday, November 8th at 10am PST

Day 3: Thursday, November 10th at 10am PST

Celebration/Q&A Call: Friday, November 11th at 10am PST


The Empowered Creator

Accessing a high vibrational, abundant life requires access to the entire flow of energy in your body, mind and spirit without obstruction. Living a life that excites you to wake up every day is more than what you’ll find in a quick caffeine fix or a pill. This isn't just about Kundalini Yoga + meditation (although creating a magic morning ritual and incorporating the ancient teachings of Kundalini is a HUGE part of it) but it is a formula of using the tools in a way to cleanse all 7 chakras. You have the ability to connect to the high vibrational flow of energy of the universe for more alignment. Open up to powerful opportunities for your evolution that can then create influence across the world. 

In Day One, we’ll get to the ROOT and assess imbalances in your body and mind so you can shift and upgrade your energy and your life. We will go into the yogic science and background around a new pathway to healing (this is not what society goes by) and there is a lot of unlearning to understand a new way to heal. You’ll take a quiz to understand which of your main energy centers (chakras) are imbalanced. The chakras are powerful energy tools you can tap into to transform and elevate your health, finances and relationships! Do NOT miss this opportunity to set a new foundation for yourself. 


Chakra Self Therapy

If you’re feeling crushed, broken down or lost in the shadows, know that you’re in a prime space for expansion and evolution. And if you are feeling good and ready to take your life to the next level, you know the time is now. Doing this inner work is a big launching point into aligning with WHO we are and more importantly, WHAT we want. 

In Day Two, we’ll give you specific tools and life hacks to help you get crystal clear on your highest pathway forward. We’ll help you create a strategic PLAN for your healing and to help you release blocks preventing you from reaching your highest potential with your health, mental state and overall alignment. We will lay out ways to get extremely present with where you are on your spiritual journey and where you want to go. We know how important it is for you to manifest big things for yourself between now and the end of the year, and beyond, and this is how to do it.


Manifest Your Quantum Upgrade

If you’ve learned one thing from this journey, it’s that aligning with high-vibe energy gets you so much farther and faster in life without the stress and anxiety of waiting for things to happen to you. Becoming a high vibrational being and learning how to stay there, expanded our world far greater than we ever thought possible.

In Day Three, we’ll show you how to attract powerful manifestations and take quantum leaps - we’ll teach you how the energy centers in our body and mind operate to achieve alignment and accelerated results. We will share how we use the chakras to activate our Kundalini energy and align to a more bountiful, blissful life with simple steps you can practice to bring your wildest manifestations to life. We’ll share our 4-part framework to manifest your quantum upgrade, balance your chakras, heal your energy and build your own unique daily mindfulness practice.

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Being a part of the sisterhood was so life-changing! When the universe first brought me to Britt and Tara, I was depressed and had very low energy. I felt stressed, weighed down, and wanted to hide. Within weeks this work supported me to release stagnant energy in my physical and energetic bodies. This work helped me raise my vibrational frequency so I can receive divine downloads, inspiration, and feel amazing while helping me rise above my obstacles with grace and love.

– Dawna

I realized to manifest more in my life, I’d have to first learn to ask for what I want. By doing Kundalini yoga and chakra work, I released some major blockages from my throat and heart chakras. I had no idea just how closed off to magic I’d become.

– Michelle

Wow, this is truly amazing. I have never felt more understood and connected than I do listening to Britt and Tara speak and seeing the posts/interactions from you ladies. I feel like I may have found my tribe! Thanks for adding me and thank you for all the amazing energy!

– Alicia

The life of your dreams is READY and WAITING for you once you decide to say YES to your power. Let’s do it together, love.

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